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Experts in Cloud Architecture, Performance Tuning & Scalability

About Keyvalue


We are very experienced team of engineers specialized in Product Development with more than 150 years in core Product Development.

  • Start-up based in the heart of God's own Country
  • We build products that you own
  • Collaborates with Product Owners/ Companies to help build products
  • Passionate and committed team
  • Core technical team specialized in Product Development
  • Combined experience of 150+ years in Product Development
  • Team has experience working in Europe, US, Israel, India, Japan
  • We create, live and code on the cloud

We keep our customers as well as the products we work on confidential. We work with transparency and build products in collaboration with stakeholders.

Our Values

Crafted services with bleeding edge technology
Startup Culture
Love what we do
Time bound delivery, Customer focused
Adventurous, creative & open-minded